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We are a co-ed cycling team dedicated to fostering women in competitive cycling. Each of us started as racing newbies, but we’re working together to gain experience, confidence, and a few medals here and there.


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Some of us are triathlon converts (or still triathletes), some are former collegiate riders, others century riders or bike commuters who want to ride more seriously, and some are new to cycling altogether. We love being on our bikes, pushing ourselves to physical limits, learning the tricks of the trade, and being on a supportive team.



Dedicated to advancing women’s racing in the mid-Atlantic region, the team supports and promotes woman racers—new and experienced alike—who are passionate about riding and eager to join a competitive community.

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We are a group with diverse experience and interests, linked through our love of riding.

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We welcome all abilities and experience levels. Thanks and happy riding!

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April 1, 2014 · by Shelley Devereaux · Race Report, Racing

In the women’s cat 4 race, Megan delivered a strong 6th place finish, with Leah and Sophie coming in at 18th and 20th (ed note – Sophie’s first road race, baptism by ice). Brandon chipped away at his Cat 5 upgrade, coming in a solid 23rd in the Men’s 5. Dan rounded out the Men’s Cat 4 in 30th, though the elements got the better of Chris (along with about half of the fields of the morning races).

November 22, 2013 · by Liz Whiteley · Race Report, Racing

So we rode. It was hard. When I finished I knew I had placed, but I really had no idea–was there someone off the front in our race who I never saw again? Had I passed Cat 3s or Cat 4s in those later laps? Nobody knows!

August 12, 2013 · by Ericha Gudmastad · Race Report, Racing

For the second year in a row, I raced the Tour of the Catskills – where last year in Cat 5 I came 2nd overall and 2nd in the KOM. This year, in Cat 4, I faced a much faster, larger field (82 racers!), so I had no such ambitions – but I wanted to see how the hills would look a second time around.