Attorney Karl Heideck Is A Man For All People

In 2003 Karl Heideck graduated from Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College with an Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature degree. He also attended Philadelphia’s James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2009 where he received a law degree. He has been working in the Philadelphia area for more than 10 years. Currently, he works as an attorney at the prestigious law firm of Grant & Eisenhower PA.

Attorney Karl Heideck is a highly regarded litigator, consultant, and adviser who retains a daily blog designed to help his peers on litigation matters and he breaks-down legal news and its impact on the residents of Pennsylvania. His areas of expertise extensively covers legal matters including product liability cases, employment proceedings, commercial and banking litigations, and security fraud.

Karl Heideck aptly reviews transactions related to the mortgage crisis of 2008 where purportedly redlining by banks drew imaginary red lines around neighborhoods, mostly involving low income families. Redlining represented people whom banks did not want to extend loans to. One such news event that Attorney Heideck has highlighted is Philadelphia’s lawsuit against the Wells Fargo Bank.

With existing charges against Wells Fargo for creating fake customer accounts, Wells Fargo is also being accused of violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968 which involves using unfair lending practices geared toward minority mortgage borrowers. The 2010 U.S. Census sites Philadelphia as having a large minority population where 43% of its residents are African-American and 12% are Hispanic.

Wells Fargo is accused of maneuvering Philadelphia minority mortgage borrowers into riskier loans with higher interest rates that are far riskier than the lower risk and interest mortgages approved for the bank’s white borrowers. The City of Philadelphia’s complaint also alleges that this type of action by Wells Fargo forces minority families into foreclosure causing blight in many neighborhoods. The Philadelphia vs. Wells Fargo complaint has the city asking for monetary damages along with an injunction to stop the bank from using a lending discriminatory practices.

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Fabletics; The Rise Of A Leader In The Fashion Sector

For one to make real money in the fashion industry, they have to create a business that can attract a good number of clients. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has been able to record a lot of success in the fashion world mainly because it boasts of a large customer base. Amazon controls 20 percent of the total sales in the fashion world and has been able to sustain this numbers year in year out.


Away from the success of her career, Kate Hudson saw an opportunity in the fashion world. She was keen in establishing a disruptive brand that could rival Amazon and take its fair share of what the fashion industry has to offer. To date, Fabletics has been able to carve its niche in the fashion sector recording over $250 million in sales for the past three years it has been in operation. This success can be credited to the innovation that takes place at the company.


According to Kate Hudson, one of the factors that have informed the growth of Fabletics is a business process called reverse show rooming that the firm has managed to implement.This technique alongside other initiatives such membership perks to the some of the most loyal customers, embracing reviews and aggressive marketing have contributed to the success of the fashion brand.


In the reverse show rooming technique, Fabletics ensures that its clients visit one of its physical stores during which they can try some active-wears in the stores. A personal shopper who’s attached to every customer then takes the measurements of the member and saves the data on the profile of the client. This data is the basis on which recommendations on the most suitable apparels are made to the shoppers. This combination of marketing techniques and unique business processes enable the enterprise to away with intrusive sales associates.


Fabletics encourages all women to take a lifestyle quiz. This quiz has enabled many to acquire the right fashion wear that was unavailable in the past due to the unique tastes and sizes of women.


Most businesses in the fashion world are becoming keen on e-commerce owing to the success of Fabletics. According to Kate Hudson, a robust e-commerce plan did it for her enterprise. Most of her customers find the service of Fabletics to be convenient because after taking the lifestyle quiz, they can now shop on the go and at their convenience.

Lori Senecal Talks About The Value of Humor in Advertising

Among the more memorable ads on TV and internet is the Geico commercial. One of the reasons that it is so memorable is because it is quite humorous. This is an example of utilizing humor in ads. This is not to say that the ad has to be gut-busting hilarious in order to gain sales. However, it does not hurt to use a skilled incorporation of humor. The only thing is that it takes skill to be able to use humor to the advantage of the company. If one goes too overboard, he could give off the impression that he is trying way too hard to be funny. This could be taken as a sign of desperation.

According to NY Times, one person who has mastered the skill of incorporating humor is Lori Senecal. Lori is very skilled at advertising because she understands the consumer. She understands the importance of balance when it comes to advertising. Therefore, it is important to establish a humorous mood to the customer without going overboard. One of the best things to do with advertising is to keep it grounded in a world that is familiar to the customer. This makes the ad a bit easier to relate to. Visit Adweek for more info.

One of the advantages of humor according to Lori Senecal is that it is more likely to go viral. It makes a lot of sense. After all, a lot of viral videos just happen to be very funny as well. Therefore, humor is one of the more effective methods for advertising. Lori Senecal herself is aware of the power of humor and is willing to use it to reach people and get people to interact with the company in the desired way. Of course humor is not the only way to get sales with advertising. There are other forms of advertising that could work for the customer.

Richard Mishaan Design’s Approach to Business

Richard Mishaan approaches interior decorating in a way that only a true guru can. Richard Mishaan Design has been operating out of their home base in New York for the better part of the past 25 years. Along that time frame Richard Mishaan Design has firmly cemented themselves atop the foodchain when it comes to interior designers who can change a room with a singular touch. Of course, Richard Mishaan Design prides themselves on capably doing much more than simple makeovers. Let’s leap into Mishaan’s world and see what he does to make things perfect for his clients.


Richard Mishaan Design is all about blending fashion, function, minimalism, and modernism. Mishaan himself is a devout fan of layering different eras on top of one another. That means you could walk into a living room focused around modern furniture with sharp edges and blacks and whites that also showcases art from 150 years ago. Mishaan is open to allowing his rooms to breath in different ways and he has thus avoided pigeonholing himself as just another upper crust designer for the rich and famous.


Mishaan’s work has been showcased in a number of different avenues like the St. Regis suites back in 2010 or his own home in Cartagena, Columbia. Mishan’s focus has always been on developing a climate inside of a room that embraces his core values while also giving his clients exactly what they want. However, even with his ability to cater to the exact needs of his clients, Richard Mishaan Design makes sure to leave their stamp on the experience. Richard Mishaan has always been opposed to the idea of replacing style with money and frequently talks his clients into spending money on the less expensive option, so long as the quality is good. These traits have made Richard Mishaan into the guru that he is today.