Fabletics; The Rise Of A Leader In The Fashion Sector

For one to make real money in the fashion industry, they have to create a business that can attract a good number of clients. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has been able to record a lot of success in the fashion world mainly because it boasts of a large customer base. Amazon controls 20 percent of the total sales in the fashion world and has been able to sustain this numbers year in year out.


Away from the success of her career, Kate Hudson saw an opportunity in the fashion world. She was keen in establishing a disruptive brand that could rival Amazon and take its fair share of what the fashion industry has to offer. To date, Fabletics has been able to carve its niche in the fashion sector recording over $250 million in sales for the past three years it has been in operation. This success can be credited to the innovation that takes place at the company.


According to Kate Hudson, one of the factors that have informed the growth of Fabletics is a business process called reverse show rooming that the firm has managed to implement.This technique alongside other initiatives such membership perks to the some of the most loyal customers, embracing reviews and aggressive marketing have contributed to the success of the fashion brand.


In the reverse show rooming technique, Fabletics ensures that its clients visit one of its physical stores during which they can try some active-wears in the stores. A personal shopper who’s attached to every customer then takes the measurements of the member and saves the data on the profile of the client. This data is the basis on which recommendations on the most suitable apparels are made to the shoppers. This combination of marketing techniques and unique business processes enable the enterprise to away with intrusive sales associates.


Fabletics encourages all women to take a lifestyle quiz. This quiz has enabled many to acquire the right fashion wear that was unavailable in the past due to the unique tastes and sizes of women.


Most businesses in the fashion world are becoming keen on e-commerce owing to the success of Fabletics. According to Kate Hudson, a robust e-commerce plan did it for her enterprise. Most of her customers find the service of Fabletics to be convenient because after taking the lifestyle quiz, they can now shop on the go and at their convenience.

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