Todd Lubar-President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.

Todd Lubar is the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also senior Vice President at Legendary Investment. Todd is an entrepreneur who has worked in real estate Business for 20 years. Todd ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators for many years. Todd has worked in industries such as: entertainment, construction, and mortgage banking. Lubar participated in an interview with Ideamensch. Todd mentioned that he wanted to help others fulfill their dreams. He found a way to get rid of the barriers that keep people from receiving loans. That is how the idea for TDL Global came about. When asked about a typical day of work, Todd Lubar describes it as prioritizing news and situations within the industry. Lubar stated that he combines will and past experiences to bring his ideas to life. Affiliate Dork asked Todd what trends excite him. Todd responded with developing technology that surrounds home functions. Lubar explained that the people that you surround yourself with is very important and that is one thing that he would do differently. Ideamensch asked what was one failure that he has had as a entrepreneur? Todd explained a business deal that went bad and started him back at the beginning. Todd recommends the book called “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. He said it is an interesting book about getting the most out of your job, family life, and community.

Todd Lubar is the President at TDL Global. He attended Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. from 1977 to 1987. Todd began his High School years at Peddie School in Highstown, New Jersey.

Todd earned a B.A. in speech communication in 1995. He started his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd was with Legacy Financial Group until 2005. Mortgage Banking has been his primary focus throughout his career up until working at TDL Global Ventures.