Lori Senecal success that led to her retirement

The role of global CEO of MDC Partners agency CP+B was a new role when Senecal took over in 2015. Before she joined the company, at the MDC Partners Network, she offered her services to the company as the CEO and president. She didn’t leave the position when she got the new role. The chairman and founder of Chuck Porter considered Lori Senecal as someone that was going to help the company to become something new. One of the highlights of her achievements at the CP+B was when she got the American Airlines back in 2015 October. The company had worked together with American Airlines for the past 25 years, but Lori Senecal worked hard to ensure that she snagged away from the account. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Thanks to the leadership that Lori offered CP+B the company is sufficiently structured and ready for the next generation of leaders. The company hopes that even after her retirement they will be able to maintain the things that she developed and also achieve more. The things that Lori Senecal is well known of are that she has a great personality, marketing, and advertising knowledge. When it comes to the innovating of the advertising techniques, she will be a pioneer in that sector. For the technology solutions that will solve the challenges that business face she is well specialized in them.

The one thing that has contributed to her success over the years is that she will not be comfortable to stay at her comfort zone for long. When she offered her services to KBS Lori Senecal was able to expand the company. In the role of being the executive chairman of the company the global vision that the company had they grew it and because of the work ethic that she possessed it was the reason why the company growth raised rapidly. From a very young age, Lori Senecal had already set that bar too high for her life. The attention that she got from her parents and sisters while she was growing up was of help also as she was the last born in a family of four girls.


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