Talkspace Soon Will Be Able To Prescribe Medication

Are you currently dealing serious mental health issues? Anxiety and depression are not easy to overcome. It’s scary, dangerous, and a lot to handle. When you don’t have somebody to speak to and let it all out, you can miss out and lose the opportunity to grow as a person. The truth is that Talkspace knew about this, so they made this platform and online community to help provide a solution for those of you without healthcare to get the help you need in one solid place. Talkspace is easy to use, simple, and beyond affordable.

Talkspace is a program online that requires a weekly payment fee. You are assigned your very own therapist that you can message through the site whenever you need to. There is also an upgrade for a video chatting option, but most opt for the more affordable option that involves just chatting. Talkspace makes it affordable on all users because they know getting to a therapist is no easy feat for most people. Talkspace has recently brought in Oren Frank as their main chief medicine officer. The reason why they brought him along the ride is because he can help prescribe medication to certain users. They know that some people need serious help beyond just talk therapy, and so they brought him to help provide a solution to prescribe medications.

Talkspace physicians may one day also be able to start prescribing medicine when needed. The independent consultants, psychiatrists, and everyone who works with the company want to know what direction they are heading in regarding prescriptions and medications.

Talkspace brought in Oren Frank at the perfect time because the company says they have more than one million users. With this many people already on the site, there is someone bound to be in need of some serious medication outside of their talk therapy.

Frank is the medicine officer in charge of all developments throughout this business’ enterprise. Only time will tell before can show what this company can handle for the long haul. Oren Frank has a goal of making Talkspace the best place for affordable online therapy.

Alex Pall: The Success of Chainsmokers in the Musical Industry Has not Been a Coincidence

Alex Pall, as the head of The Chainsmokers, took the music industry by storm in 2014 after coming up with some DJ mixes that were different from what the traditional DJs offered to the entertainment industry. The hit song, Selfie, was followed by other hit singles that went ahead to top the major lists major parts of the world. some of the songs that went ahead to become number one on the U.S Billboard top 100 are Closer and Don’t Let Me Down. The songs rocked the industry due to the vocals and the electronic drum sets that were played by Alex as the lead DJ.

Recently, Alex Pall conducted an interview with Interview Magazine where he discussed some important factors about his life as a DJ and a significant number of topics relating to music and entertainment industry. Surprisingly, this interview was conducted after the release of the hit single, Closer, which means that emotions were all-time high and there is a possibility that Alex provided some important details about the progress of the group. Alex highlighted how they met with Andrew, who turned out to be a perfect match.

Through the interview, Alex indicates that he was a DJ when growing up and the whole musical aspect has been a hobby for the whole of his life. Working in the music industry is a lifetime achievement that Alex is so proud of because he had been looking forward to being a musician. Alex and his partner would go ahead and give music a real shot, which proved to be a good decision. Alex and Taggart were both DJing before they met, which provided a good and reliable opportunity that they could maximize and work together.

Alex continued to highlight that he has been using social media platform to market his music and other electro-pop mixes which his followers consume in large volumes. Instagram has proved to be an important marketing channel for the smokers as they have been able to sell their music to their followers while at the same time getting an opportunity to see how their fans react.

Stephen Hicks and Southridge Capital Group

Southridge capital Group is an organization that serves as an investment bank and also provides securities brokerage services to its clients. The firm has headquarters in East Coast, New England, and Northeastern US. Stephen Hicks is the CEO and the founder of the firm. For over two decades Southridge Capital has financed about 300 companies both public and private sector, therefore, gaining significant experience. This experience has helped the firm to have a unique understanding and ability to solve financial problems which the Companies face. Southridge capital group provides both business and financial solutions to their clients, to ensure that they improve the bottom line of their business.


Investments and philanthropy

Southridge capital has invested its capital to Raft international that offers component- based remedies to banks and energy companies, through specializing in risk management. Raft International aims at analyzing, evaluating, monitoring, and reporting any found credit risk and estimates the capital needed. Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary launched Daystar Foundation to promote charitable organizations. They aim to help the needy people directly by spending time with them and providing the necessary funds to creating a healthier life. Daystar foundation has funded many organizations including Young Life and Bridgeport Rescue Mission.


Hick`s Interview

While still working at NY hedge fund, Stephen decided to start Southridge with the permission of the principal who had returned to Australia. Stephen who`s always time conscious sets time to search for new opportunities and ensure that the existing ones are in place. He also likes listing down his activities and focusing on money strategy each day to ensure continuous growth of the firm. According to Stephen Hicks, companies face many challenges which can result in a considerable loss, but the solution is to stay liquid and earn a way out of the situation. For any entrepreneur to succeed, they must do much research on websites to enable them to know what’s trending in their line of work. They should also read books and journals to equip them with new and latest business ideas. Visit for more info.