Talkspace Soon Will Be Able To Prescribe Medication

Are you currently dealing serious mental health issues? Anxiety and depression are not easy to overcome. It’s scary, dangerous, and a lot to handle. When you don’t have somebody to speak to and let it all out, you can miss out and lose the opportunity to grow as a person. The truth is that Talkspace knew about this, so they made this platform and online community to help provide a solution for those of you without healthcare to get the help you need in one solid place. Talkspace is easy to use, simple, and beyond affordable.

Talkspace is a program online that requires a weekly payment fee. You are assigned your very own therapist that you can message through the site whenever you need to. There is also an upgrade for a video chatting option, but most opt for the more affordable option that involves just chatting. Talkspace makes it affordable on all users because they know getting to a therapist is no easy feat for most people. Talkspace has recently brought in Oren Frank as their main chief medicine officer. The reason why they brought him along the ride is because he can help prescribe medication to certain users. They know that some people need serious help beyond just talk therapy, and so they brought him to help provide a solution to prescribe medications.

Talkspace physicians may one day also be able to start prescribing medicine when needed. The independent consultants, psychiatrists, and everyone who works with the company want to know what direction they are heading in regarding prescriptions and medications.

Talkspace brought in Oren Frank at the perfect time because the company says they have more than one million users. With this many people already on the site, there is someone bound to be in need of some serious medication outside of their talk therapy.

Frank is the medicine officer in charge of all developments throughout this business’ enterprise. Only time will tell before can show what this company can handle for the long haul. Oren Frank has a goal of making Talkspace the best place for affordable online therapy.

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