How Gino Pozzo’s Scouting-Driven Model Has Led To Football Success

Gino Pozzo was born with football in his blood. Both of his parents, Gianpaolo and Guiliana Pozzo, were passionate about the game. He grew up in Udine, Italy, and was a big fan of the Udinese Calcio football club. He is now the owner of England’s Watford Football Club and is often talked about in the newspapers.

After growing up in Italy, Gino Pozzo moved to the United States for his college education. He earned a master’s degree at Harvard University. He married a Catalan and moved to Barcelona, Spain. 20 years later he moved to London along with his wife and their three kids. This was in 2013, shortly after he had bought Watford Football Club.

His father had been the owner of the Udinese football club, buying them in 1986. His dad owned a tool-making company and used its profits to buy this football club. Gino Pozzo is also involved in real estate and financial mergers. The tool-making company was sold in 2008 so that he could give more of his focus to football.

Gino Pozzo says that managing a football club isn’t, however, his main activity. He really enjoys it, though, and wants to lead the club in the right way. He is seen as a very forward-looking owner who wants to see football succeed even more than it already does across Europe.

He created a scouting-driven model at Watford Football Club. This unique approach has very much paid off as he was able to completely turn the team around. Prior to this, he applied this model at the Udinese team and it was very successful. When his family bought Granada Football Club in 2009 this model also proved itself as the team went from the third division to the prestigious Primera Liga in just two years time.

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Article Title: Steve Richie and Papa Johns Sign Shaquille O’Neal as New Frontman

Article Text:

Papa Johns reinvention of itself has hit a new stride with Shaquille O’ Neal. The basketball legend just signed a lucrative $8.25 million dollar contract to be Papa John’s new frontman. In addition, Shaq will also become the first African-American member of Papa John’s board. The deal is tentatively slated to last thee years and will pay out in a combination of cash and stock options.

Shaquille O’ Neal is no stranger to marketing and has been the pitchman for many products and brands. His involvement with Papa Johns stems from a desire to help. In an interview with CNBC Shaq commented on his motivation to join the Papa Johns family. “I want to help bring things back on track,” he stated, “Because the 800 franchisees did not do anything wrong.”

In the wake of Papa John’s recent problems a popular spokesman like O’Neal is a very good development. Despite being basketball royalty Shaq is also a larger than life personality. He has stared in numerous movies, T.V. shows, and commercials. Shaq is also not new to the food service business either.

Steve Richie, the current CEO of Papa Johns, is delighted with O’Neal’s inclusion. He has worked hard over the past year to reinvent the company and create a strong future for the pizza chain. So far the new path has been paved with equality, inclusion, and diversity. It has been a road Richie has been adamant about since coming onboard. So far his tenure has revitalized the chain and redefined its overall culture.

In an interview Richie expressed his thoughts about sighing O’Neal. “It is one thing for me to say how great our company is,” Richie said, “It is quite another for Shaquille O’Neal to say.” Hopefully, Shaq’s inclusion will add even more to Papa John’s new direction.

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Rick Cofer: Excellence In and Out of the Court

Rick Cofer is a very well-renowned criminal defense attorney in the area of Austin, Texas. Rick Cofer has actively served his community and has represented his clients in different kinds of criminal cases like DUI, family domestic violence, assault, drugs, murder, property crimes, juvenile crimes and sex related crimes. Rick Cofer has always been passionate about creating resolutions for his fellow local Texans and making sure that they are well and fairly represented in the court of law – these were the reasons why he ended up as a defense attorney. Rick Cofer has handled over 1000 cases for his local Texan community.

Rick Cofer also makes sure that he is an active member of his community in several other aspects and he makes tremendous efforts to make sure that his presence is felt in the endeavors of his community. Rick Cofer is a proclaimed activist and he is dedicated on helping environmental efforts of his community. Here are a few organizations that Rick Cofer is involved in:

  1. The Parks and Recreation Board of the City of austin
  2. The Pease Park Conservancy Board of Directors
  3. The Kind Clinic
  4. The Texas Health Action Board of Directors
  5. The Ending Community Homelessness Organization (ECHO)

Rick Cofer believes that building a safer and healthier community always starts with how they treat their environment, which is why he puts environmental efforts on his top priority. Rick Cofer has noticed and acknowledged that the world has a massive problem on pollution and that there is a plastic problem. The plastic problem involves over production, distribution and user-end waste management habits.

Rick Cofer Law knows that even in their own small ways, they can make not only their community more environmentally friendly but more importantly, the world. And so, when Rick Cofer is not serving as an attorney, he spends his time sparking efforts that will create a greener Austin through his projects.

Rick Cofer started a plastic bag ban in the community of Austin Texas and it has become a widely implemented rule and was very successful. The key to the success of the plastic bag ban is because of the step-by-step progression of leaving plastics behind, it was eased in to the consumers so that they would learn how to live without using plastic bags rather than taking away plastic bags completely right away. They started with educating the community with the after-effects of plastic, and then they removed single use non-compostable plastic bags and provided alternatives like reusable bags, compostable plastic bags and recyclable paper bags. They also set a plausible goal for the community of reducing their plastic waste by 50% in their first 1 1/2 years of implementing the rules regarding plastic use and waste management. Rick Cofer is definitely successful in helping not only his community, but also the world. To know more about Rick Cofer visit