Steve Lesnard’s Success in the Sports Industry

Steve Lesnard is a recognized profiler within the sports industry. He previously worked with a well-known sports brand as a high-role executive. Years of experience in marketing of the sports industry has helped him analyze huge data with insights in technical advertisement and being able to provide customers with high quality products without any sort of delay in time. Lesnard became passionate about sports since his childhood.

He grew up around the regions of Corsica and Paris, France. He studied in France on business, specializing on entrepreneurial and global business. While in school, his focus was balanced between his education and sports. He continued to develop his talent in sports and created a network of connections in the sports industry. He later relocated to United States and attained himself an entrepreneurial MBA.

Lesnard first worked as the Director of marketing department of Wolford. Wolford is a classic fashion retail business based in New York City. After a year of working in Wolford, he moved on to explore his passion for sports in the sports industry. His first job in sports was in the Nagano Olympics. In Nagano Olympics, he managed the signing of professional athletes, and participation in season creation of products.

From Nagano Olympics, he moved on to specifically deal with Product Creation. He was responsible for product development for professional athletes and considered it to be a worthwhile experience. For more than 20 years, Lesnard has served in several roles in the sports industry. He focuses on advertising and management in general. He has managed and leaded several campaigns in Olympic marketing. His management career has been successful and is recognized for generating revenue worth billions in the industry.

With lots of experience in product creation, Lesnard understands customers’ taste and preference. He states that customers are increasingly involved in the trend of being conscious of their health. Customers have changed the way in which they shop for products, by embracing products that accentuate their wellness. He discloses that being mindful and exercising is significant in living healthy and having a happy life, with the help of products.

Mathew Fleeger Venture Improves Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western LLC is part of an oil and gas partnership and joint venture. It combines a lot of resources and talent and industry experience to reach its goals. The entity focuses on exploring, developing and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region. Gulf Coast Western LLC completes its tasks on properties that have both geological and geophysical advantages and structures that are well developed. With this approach, the entity often seeks other enterprises that have potential to provide high returns as well as a low risk potential. Mathew Fleeger is a longtime professional who serves as both the President and chief executive officer of the company. Part of his vision is to attribute success to the open and transparent relationships the company has with credible partners in the oil and gas industry. It therefore looks to develop mutual trust and respect by operating with both honesty and integrity.

The company Gulf Coast Western LLC was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. It currently has locations in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. In recent years, the company has expanded to Louisiana with two new partnerships such as Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. These two entities have helped Gulf Coast Western access hundreds of miles worth of land to drill for more oil. Gulf Coast Western has completed a couple of recent transactions that have allowed it to operate on a number of development wells throughout Louisiana. This will increase the production potential of oil for the company.

Mathew Fleeger is among the most notable business professionals in the United States and in the oil industry. As the president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger has been able to establish himself as an expert of the oil and gas industries. He has also been known as an expert in waste management and tanning industries as well. Over the years, Mathew Fleeger has been recognized for his abilities in strategic planning, contract negotiation, team building and his abilities in entrepreneurship. Prior to becoming the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger founded a company called MedSolutions Inc which was a holding company of managing medical waste for healthcare companies.

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The Faculty of Academy of Art University Understand that Successful Architectural Designing Rely on Details

Students enrolled in the School of Interior Architecture Design,one of many programs offered at the Academy of Art University, were given a informative presentation about the design process, by Lynn Jones. Lynn Jones works as a curriculum specialist within the university. She informed students about the five phases involved in designing a usable space for a client.

Phase one is information gathering. The designer will analyze the client’s needs and desires, define existing conditions, develop a broad concept statement and access corporate culture or personal style. Reviewing the information with the client and getting their approval is the last part of this phase.

Schematic and Conceptual Design is phase two. A broad based design and a general space utilization plan are apart of this phase. The details concerning the matrices of rooms or building floors would be considered, a 3-D environment visual aid is created, and the initial furniture, fixtures and equipment are decided on.

Contract documentation is the focus of phase four. During this phase specific details of the building space are decided, such as paint color and fabrics that may be used to cover furniture. Construction drawings would be done in this phase, also.

Phase five involves the designer visiting the job site regularly. Regular visits allow the designer to see what parts of the architectural designs are working and which ones are not. Jones stated it is cheaper to make changes during this time. It’s also important to visit after the project is finished to determine if everything works and blends together as designed.

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. It offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 25 subjects. The university is located in San Francisco, California. It is the largest privately owned university in the United States.