Richard Mishaan Design’s Approach to Business

Richard Mishaan approaches interior decorating in a way that only a true guru can. Richard Mishaan Design has been operating out of their home base in New York for the better part of the past 25 years. Along that time frame Richard Mishaan Design has firmly cemented themselves atop the foodchain when it comes to interior designers who can change a room with a singular touch. Of course, Richard Mishaan Design prides themselves on capably doing much more than simple makeovers. Let’s leap into Mishaan’s world and see what he does to make things perfect for his clients.


Richard Mishaan Design is all about blending fashion, function, minimalism, and modernism. Mishaan himself is a devout fan of layering different eras on top of one another. That means you could walk into a living room focused around modern furniture with sharp edges and blacks and whites that also showcases art from 150 years ago. Mishaan is open to allowing his rooms to breath in different ways and he has thus avoided pigeonholing himself as just another upper crust designer for the rich and famous.


Mishaan’s work has been showcased in a number of different avenues like the St. Regis suites back in 2010 or his own home in Cartagena, Columbia. Mishan’s focus has always been on developing a climate inside of a room that embraces his core values while also giving his clients exactly what they want. However, even with his ability to cater to the exact needs of his clients, Richard Mishaan Design makes sure to leave their stamp on the experience. Richard Mishaan has always been opposed to the idea of replacing style with money and frequently talks his clients into spending money on the less expensive option, so long as the quality is good. These traits have made Richard Mishaan into the guru that he is today.