Dr. Imran Haque- Skilled Medical Internist

Imran Haque is a medical practitioner who has been serving as an internist for over 15 years. He provides medical careto residents of Asheboro and Ramseur in North Carolina and its surroundings. Dr. Imran is an associate ofnumerous hospitals in the U.S. This hospitals he is affiliated to are Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Randolph Hospital and Kindred Hospital-Greensboro, Firsthealth of the Carolinas, Southeastern Regional Medical Center among others all under Horizon Internal Medicine PLLC organization umbrella.


Education Accomplishment


Dr. Imran holds an undergraduate degree from North Carolina University as well as Carilon Health System’s Residency Hospital graduate. He is a qualified professional at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Dr.Haque is a licensed medical doctor and is signed up in Internal Medicine Certification Program. Dr. Imran accepts numerous health insurances.


Skills and Service Provision


Dr. Haque is a highly informed internist with tremendous capability of providing sick people with a wide variety of services. The capability of treating patients’ particular illnesses as well as being their chief physician qualifies among respected medical practitioners. Dr. Haque is able to tackle physical conditions of patients and also manage to use laboratory and ultrasound service in his office to treat majority of patients from sicknesses that are commonly known. He also refers patients to doctors who have specialized in conditions that requires referrals.


An All-round medical practitioner


Dr. Haque has attended to many patients providing them with medical care due to his many years of experience in medical service practices. Apart from performing physical procedures, Imran Haque helps with treatment options of diabetes, venus body contouring, unsightly hair removal, dermal fillers, weight loss management, Botox[ that deals with provision of anti-aging remedies to patients], as well as 360 resurfacing.




Dr.Haque was awarded by local authority of the United States of America, NC, in recognition for his competence in medical sector.



Arthur Becker in Real Estates

Arthur Becker has a Tribeca real estate office that acts as a studio with full-fledged workshop along with paintings and sculptures he created. The office is located near the site which will be the first ground-up he develops alone. The project is estimated to sell for $52.5 million and will be located at 465 Washington Street. Arthur Becker is 66 years old; he is a former Bear Stearns stockbroker who accumulated his wealth from buying tech companies in the early 2000s. He recently made his entrance in real estate in Florida and New York. Arthur has been a silent money partner who has been seen to back up Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s billionaire’s row development at West 57th Street. He invested in a 16 story condo building in Sullivan Street which was developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison equities. The developers transferred three nearby Sullivan Street townhouses to Becker in exchange for a stake in the project. Becker’s business dealings are massive spanning finance, technology art, and real estate. As Arthur Becker stated, he is more concentrated in real estate; he is lucky he got into the market at the right time. His many businesses have produced several failures one of them being an attempt to market a specialized binocular dubbed Bnox. According to Becker, the reason the binocular did not sell is because people did not like fiddling with the focus.

Becker is also known for collecting ancient currencies from African countries such as Cameroon and Nigeria. Two of his largest reproductions will be installed in a capital properties commercial building in Boston. In Becker’s art, there is always money, be it in the form of dollars or euros. In his office, there is a sculpture of crumpled cash and gold bars. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur is the chairman and the CEO of Zinio. He was formerly the chief executive officer of NaviSite. The company is quoted on NASDAQ; it provides technology and application management services to customers in US and UK. Its offices are located in India, U.S, and UK. NaviSite provides organizations with data center hosting and cloud-based application management. Arthur who was the senior advisor of Vera Wang fashion for seven years has been a private investor in technology since the formation of NaviSite.

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Success Academy Creates Learners For Life

Success Elementary Schools approach teaching young children with a new, organic approach to learning. The elementary school curriculum we embrace is set to help children fall in love with learning from a young age by promoting early literacy of reading both fiction and nonfiction alike.

Reading fosters literacy skills as well as memory and a growing desire ant thirst for knowledge that children will continue to foster as they grow through our elementary school program. After reading a piece, the children will collaborate with each other on classroom-wide projects and will improve their vital critical thinking skills that will help them be successful later on in their academic careers. The foundation of knowledge at the Success Learning Academy is asking questions, learning more information, and growing the knowledge the child has already obtained through reading by exploring and obtaining more information. This can provide children with a cultural and a learning experience they may not otherwise be able to have without the literacy and the reading that emerged early in their learning careers.


Teachers at our Success Academy only provide young learners with 80 minutes of direct instruction scattered throughout the day, but those 80 minutes are made to count. Every last one of them. Throughout the entire day learning through activity is emphasized as this is how children are proven to learn best. Experiencing new things and experimenting with new things will teach them the most in the time that we have together each day in the classroom. Lectures are effective to some extent but are not the way children should be predominantly learning at a young age. Attention spans cause children to become distracted, whereas engagement in critical thinking activities will keep their attention much longer than any lectures will in the long run, and they will retain and learn more to build a more solid foundation for the future.